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2007 Sport photos
2005 Sport photos
2009 Sport Photos

Sporting Photographs

Sport has always formed an important part of the Club and School.     The enclosed are a handful of the hundreds of photographs which have adorned Jock's Lodge and other edifices and bear testament to our sporting prowess.    Many are annotated with names and occasions.    Please contact us if you think you can add any information to any of the photographs shown.      This gallery will be expanded from time to time with newly discovered and existing archives.

2005 Sport photos is a gallery of images added early in 2005

2007 Sport photos is a gallery added during 2007

2009 Sport photos images added 2009 - 2013.   Many of these came to light during research for the Rugby History

The RHSFP RFC Rugby History also contains many photographs


1884 Rugby 1947 Jed 7's 1949-50 School 1950 FP Cricket 1952 School Rugby

1956 Athletics

1958 School Rugby 1961 FP Rugby 1961 FP Cricket 1961 Melrose 7's 1964-65 FP Rugby 1965 Old Crocks
1967 FP's V International XV 1971-72 FP Rugby 1972-73 FP Rugby 1980 FP Rugby 1983-84 FP Rugby 1986 FP Cricket
1987 - The last match at Jocks Lodge 1989 FP Rugby 1990 School Football (don't tell Curly Bill) 1990 Mini Rugby 1994 School Rugby 1960 Athletics

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